Public Jobs

Bids due in 18 days
9/5/19 2:00 pm
Richmond Storage Shed Partial Demolition, Replacement and Related Work
Kurtz Inc
2079 State Road, Richmond MA
Demo, Site work, Erosion Control, Landscaping, Pre-engineered Building
Bids due in 4 days
8/22/19 10:00 am
South Hadley Housing Authority Window Replacement at Buildings 14 & 15
Kurtz Inc
69 Lathrop Street, South Hadley, MA
Removing existing windows and replacing with 64 new window units at two, two‐story brick buildings. Selective masonry removal and restoration, including tuck‐pointing of existing bluestone window sills at 8 foot plus wide brick window openings only. 60 Days to complete. Estimated value $99,000.
Bids due in 10 days
8/28/19 1:00 pm
Ayer Recreation Department Garage
Kurtz Inc
Ayer MA
Construction of a 28 x 52 (1,456 sf) concrete slab-on-grade wood frame building. Site work, Concrete, Metals, Carpentry, Woods & Plastics, Moisture Protection, Doors, Windows, Finishes, Specialties, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical. Estimated Cost $650,000.
Bidding Closed
8/15/19 2:00 pm
West Boylston Housing Authority Garage Addition
Kurtz Inc
Orchard Knoll Elderly Development, West Boylston, MA
New addition to existing garage. Install new concrete slab on grade and seal. Use existing concrete foundation. Build with 2 x 4 walls, sheathing & vinyl siding, wood rafters, asphalt shingle roof, Overhead Garage door, exterior fiberglass door, steel door, Electrical.
Bids due tomorrow at 10:00am
8/19/19 10:00 am
East Longmeadow Housing Authority Community Building Exterior Siding & Trim Replacement
Kurtz Inc
81 Quarry Hill, East Longmeadow MA
Siding, trim & selective roof replacement at community building. Demo, Asbestos Abatement, Carpentry, Plastic Fabrications, Asphalt Shingles, Siding, Sealants, Painting
Bids due in 10 days
8/28/19 2:00 pm
Holyoke Community College Code Upgrades
Kurtz Inc
303 Homestead Avenue, Holyoke,
Code upgrades including upgrades to the fire alarm notification and detection in the theater, magnetic door hold opens on entry doors and fire doors below the stage. Also upgrades to existing egress signage.
Bidding Closed
8/8/19 2:00 pm
Chicopee Housing Authority Senecal Bathroom Remodel - Phase 6
Kurtz Inc
Elmer & Elcon Drives, Chicopee MA 01013
Partially renovate 20 bathrooms at the Senecal 200-1 family housing development.
Bidding Closed
8/8/19 10:00 am
Pittsfield Armory Roof and Window Replacement
Kurtz Inc
Pittsfield MA
The Project consists of: Replacement of windows, roofing and exterior doors. Construction of new accessible toilet room, installation of new roof mounted exhaust fans and related work. Field Sub Electrical, HVAC, Masonry, Metal Windows, Plumbing, Roofing. The work is estimated to cost $1,383,713.
Bidding Closed
7/31/19 2:00 pm
U-Mass Gunness Room 6 Lab Renovations
Kurtz Inc
Amherst MA
The project consists of a renovation of an existing laboratory space in the Gunness Building at UMA. The existing laboratory space will be remodeled to house a wave tank/structure and associated piping and pump that will be installed by UMA. The renovation will allow for the installation of the owner provided equipment. The work will include demolition of the outside wall to install a new door and rebuild a portion of the wall. Special storm windows will be added to filter out UV rays. The existing bars on the windows will be remove. All new MEP systems will be provided, and some will be connected to the existing building systems. A rail system will be provided for hoisting equipment. A new sink and counter will be provided. Filed-Subs Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical.
Bidding Closed
6/26/19 11:00 am
Holyoke HA Central Maintenance Facility Ventilation
Kurtz Inc
300 Clemente St, Holyoke MA
Removal and disposal of existing window, glass block, and metal panel systems. Removal and disposal of interior fire door and hardware. Removal and disposal of existing overhead door. Selective removal and disposal of existing deactivated fire protection piping. Removal and disposal of existing interior metal mezzanine deck, hangers, supports, and bracing. Removal and disposal of existing interior metal stairs. Removal and disposal of existing interior duct, hangers, and supports. Selective removal and disposal of existing roof mounted exhaust fan and housing. Removal and disposal of existing exhaust fan motor starter. Removal and disposal of existing electrical panel. Asbestos and hazardous materials abatement. •Installation of new translucent panel systems. Installation of new metal doors. Installation of new metal framed wall partition. Installation of new access ladders. Installation of new roof hatch, framing and blocking. Installation of new fans, louvers, dampers, ductwork, and associated controls. • Installation of new dehumidifiers, pumps, and associated controls. Installation of new rooftop equipment supports. Installation of new flashing, curbing, and sleepers for rooftop equipment and ladder. Installation of new HVAC indoor units, outdoor condenser unit, louvers, dampers, ductwork, associated controls, and supports. Installation of new refrigerant piping, valves, associated controls, and condensate piping. Installation of new exhaust fan, ductwork and associated controls. Installation of new electrical panel and breakers. Installation of new electrical receptacles, wiring, and conduit. Painting